Oil in WaterAnalyzer & FAME Analyzer


FAME in Jet Fuel Analyzer

The FameSpec® is a compact stand‐alone analyzer that comes in a modern, portable and rugged design. It provides fully automatic and rapid measurement with high sample throughput. All types of FAME, including short chain methyl ester, are detected within a short measurement time.

  • Based on QCL-IR technology
  • FameSpec® Analyzer complies with ASTM D8290
  • Detects all types of FAME
  • 10" High precision (repeatability of 0.8 mg/kg at 5 mg/kg)
  • Wide measurement range (10 - 400 mg/kg)
  • Fast measurement (<25 min)
  • Automated sample preparation
  • 10-port autosampler
  • Fully portable compact design


Oil-in-Water Analyzer

The EcoSpec® is designed to quantify oil-in-water with an unmatched precision down to 0.1 mg/L using ecofriendly, CFC-free solvents. It is based on patented state-of-the-art quantum cascade laser (QCL) technology and is fully compliant with ASTM D7678. Total petroleum hydrocarbons or oil and grease are quantified in the subppm range within minutes.

The EcoSpec® oil-in-water analyzer enables its users around the world to establish benchmark process control and environmental monitoring.

  • Based on QCL-IR technology
  • EcoSpec® Analyzer complies with ASTM D7678
  • Designed to quantify oil and grease in water or soil
  • CFC-free extraction
  • High precision (SD: 0.05 mg/L below 10 mg/L)
  • Wide measurement range (0 - 2000 mg/L)
  • Fully portable, rugged design

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