Nitrogen levels under control in surface water and wastewater treatment plants


Liquiline System CA80TN provides precise and regulation-compliant online measurement of total nitrogen.

Managing biological processes efficiently

Nitrogen is a lead parameter to determine surface water quality and wastewater effluent values. Increased nitrogen values indicate influences from wastewater, landfill leachate or agriculture and can lead to eutrophication of water bodies. The Liquiline System CA80TN colorimetric analyzer delivers reliable, real-time nitrogen values, helping managers of wastewater treatment plants keep their processes under control.

Simple setup and commissioning

The Liquiline System CA80TN allows for a fast integration into the process: The self-priming version is either installed without additional sample preparation or the analyzer is integrated in bypass installations using the optional y-strainer. All Liquiline System analyzers share the user-friendly operating concept, that plant personnel already know from other online analysis parameters such as pH or conductivity, which virtually eliminates operating errors. The TN analyzer can be easily upgraded to a complete measuring station by connecting Memosens sensors. It then adopts the transmitter functions, which reduces the total number of devices in the plant.

Robust operation

The titanium reactor of the CA80TN analyzer and its hard-coated optical filters offer superior long-term performance. Precisely adjusted reactor temperatures guarantee complete digestion of the sample for smooth operation and precise measurement. Standardized alkaline persulfate digestion and UV-photometric measurement according to HJ636 offer direct comparability to most cuvette tests.

Low maintenance

Automatic cleaning and calibration functions ensure the analyzer works reliably and without manual intervention over a long period of time. This reduces maintenance costs and increases process uptime. If disturbances should occur, CA80TN is equipped with advanced diagnostics and remote access capability supporting a quick fault analysis and remedy.